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Q: How much are a set of beryllium copper spalding golf clubs worth bought in the 70s?
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Who previously made beryllium copper golf clubs for Natural Golf?

Ping made them at one time.

What year did Cleveland golf first manufacture the 485 Beryllium copper golf clubs?

Who makes beryllium copper golf clubs?

Nobody makes these anymore. beryllium in dust form causes all kinds of health problems...very toxic. PING used to make them; they made them "famous". Due to a softer feel, but a more dense and harder iron, these things were the craze in the 80's and early 90's. Several other companied followed suit in producing beryllium copper golf clubs at the time. Nobody makes beryllium copper clubs anymore - thanks EPA....

What golf clubs did bobby Jones use?


Does spalding still make golf clubs?

Good for beginners and casual golfers.

What year did Tommy Armour golf manufacture the 845 Beryllium copper golf clubs?

I believe it was sometime in the late 80's to early 90's. I remember seeing them in a few pro shops back then. No actually in the late 60's, I bought a set and still have them and still use them, lost my 5 iron wish I could buy another one. No other clubs feel the same.

What household items contain beryllium?

Beryllium can be found in household appliances, cars, golf clubs, and is applied in tecnology in electronics, aerospace, communications, and nuclear devices.

Does sell real clubs?

I think so I have bought several clubs here, and there is no problem with the clubs. SO CUTE

Are Linksman golf clubs a good set of golf clubs to get?

They are. I have bought from them and been to their warehouse/store in Hartford. A few friends have bought sets for their wives and kids as well.

Who makes beryllium solo golf clubs?

SOLO ENTERPSISE CORP. Component mfg for Aircraft, Missile and Weapon systems.

What mistborn abilities did Clubs have?

Clubs was able to burn copper, which allowed him to hide other allomancers around him from being discovered.

Do they still make northwestern golf clubs?

no they do not...i recently bought a northwestern putter at a garage sale