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Well I am not entirely sure.But I do know that the team manager is the one that gives all the players their paychecks. And if you are realy good ,but if you play for another team, the manager of a team will name a realy good salary for you. depends which player

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Q: How much are NBA players paid for each round of the NBA playoffs?
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How much money do players get for winning a round inn.h.l. hockey?

Each player has a set salary, regardless of whether they win or lose. There can be bonuses to players for certain achievements (getting awards, winning the cup...) but generally those aren't just "win a game" or "win the 1st round in the playoffs."

How much do NHL players make in playoffs?

20.4 million

How much money will each player get for todays game seatle an new Orleans game?

As of 2010 playoffs all players on the 53 man team make an atomatic 23,000$

How much does Crosby make in a Stanley cup game?

Nothing. Players are not paid in the Playoffs. Their salary is for the regular season and they play in the playoffs without getting paid any salary.

Have all 4 teams advancing ever won the first 3 games in a best of 5 in Major League Baseball playoffs?

As of the start of the 2007 playoffs, no. The most 'sweeps' in the first round of the playoffs has been two and that has happened many times. But never have three teams swept in the first round of the MLB playoffs much less all four teams.

How much money does the winner of NHL get?

Most players in the Stanley cup playoffs don't get paid at all unless they have it written into their contracts. Lots of players are playing just because they love the game.

How much players are there in a football?

12 on each team

How much money do players get for winning the Stanley Cup?

Players don't get paid anything for winning the Stanley Cup (or for any games in the playoffs) unless their contract specifies that the team would pay a bonus for winning it. This would be negotiated between the player's agent and the team along with the rest of the stipulations in the contract.

How much do football players get paid for each goal they score?

£5 OR £10

How much does a citroen saxo wheel bearings cost?

round about £16 each

How much players does basketball need?

well. For each team there is 5 players on the court at a time. But there will be substitutions for other players. Usually each player that starts has 1 0r 2 back ups for when they get tired or hurt or just aren't playing well The maximum players a team can have is 15 players.

How much will an NFL fifth round pick make in 2013?

Based on the 2013 NFL round 5 signings, the players selected in the 5th round of the NFL draft can expect to sign a 4 year contract in the range of $2,300,000 to $2,400,000, with a signing bonus ranging from $140,000 to $220,000. There were 35 players selected in the 5th round of the 2013 NFL draft (32 regular picks, 3 compensatory picks). The largest contract was signed by S Sanders Cummings, who was selected with the 1st pick in the 5th round. He signed a 4 year deal worth $2,375,512, with a $215,512 signing bonus. The smallest contracts for 5th round picks were signed by the last three players taken in the round. K Caleb Sturgis, DT Josh Boyd and T Ricky Wagner each signed a 4 year deal worth $2,304,560, and each received a $144,506 signing bonus.