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No more than what's listed as max recommended pressure on the tire sidewall. Apart from that you're free to try out what feels best when riding. Low pressure will increase the risk of bottoming out the tire(the rim striking the surface) which is an almost certain way of getting a snakebite AKA pinch flat.

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Q: How much air should a in a inner tube on a bmx?
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What does a jammed knee feel like?

Imagine your leg was a flat inner tube. Imagine pumping air into that inner tube which slowly begins to fill up. With just enough air you can bend the tube in half with relative ease. Now Consider the joint where the inner tube bends as your knee joint - pumping too much air into the inner tube makes it difficult to bend the tube in half. In other words a sprained knee feels like your knee joint is filled with too much air making it difficult to achieve a full range of motion.

What is the purpose of a tire inner tube?

To hold air.

What is another name for an inner tube or an inner balloon not relating to tires or hot air balloons An inner flask relating more to engineering and science and technology?


What is another name for an inner tube or an inner balloon not relating to tires or hot air balloons. An inner flask relating more to engineering and science and technology.?


How long does it take to sail from Cuba to Miami on an inner tube?

It depends on ocean currents, air pressure, and weather. But 40 miles from Cuba to Miami on inner tube could take a day or two.

Why does your ear pop when you ride an airplane?

The 'pop' you hear is the pressure equalizing between the cavity or the inner ear and the outside air pressure. The reason this happens so suddenly is because the air in your inner ear comes through a tube (called the Eustachian Tube) that is linked to your mouth.

How to find a leak in an inner tube?

One way would be to fill the tube with air, and then hold it under water and look for bubbles. Wherever the bubbles are originating from on the tube is the source of the leak.

What to do if you have flat tire on your bicycle?

Inspect the inner tube, if puncture is small, use a repair kit and put air in, if it is large (unlikely) you need a new tube

Where is the air intake temperature sensor for a 1999 Nissan Altima GXE?

It is located on the top of the air intake tube. This tube comes from the left (driver side) inner fender area & connects to the bottom half of the air cleaner box (where the air filter is)

What does papa's words perked you up like air does a deflated inner tube mean?

It's a simile. In order to understand it, you need to fix the tire on a bicycle, or watch someone else do it. Bicycle tires have a hard rubber outer shell with a softer inner tube. The inner tube is inflated to give shape and substance to the outer shell.

What is the work of the valve tube in bicycle tubes?

The valve is a one-way system. It allows the cyclist to inflate the inner tube with a pump - while preventing air from escaping.

What is the temperature of air in bicycle tube?

Bicycle tire inner tubes tend to have 10-15 psi of air pressure, so the air tends to be the same temperature as the ambient air temperature.