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Q: How much a babe Ruth cooperstown collection anniversary metal card worth that has an upside down back?
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What is the value of a special 5 card embossed metal cooperstown collection cards of nolan ryan worth?


How much is a Cooperstown Collection nolan Ryan embossed metal collector cards worth?

I saw it for 9.99 on ebay

When was A Collection of Metal created?

A Collection of Metal was created on 1996-09-27.

Value of 1996 cooperstown collection of 5 all metal collector trading cards o f the original hall of fame electees?

i say a ebay bid for 30$ im going to a card shop some other day will tellm the right price

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round wheels, probably metal. KV

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I have a cup that has britannia metal co 2058 on the bottom what do they mean?

co is for company. the 2058 is the model/collection number.

What is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. 25th anniversary limited edition metal trading card worth?

The set 'used' is worth 10.00