How much Spin does a Football has?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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the spin of a football makes the football more aerodynamic, meaning that it can go farther than with out the spin by "cutting" through the air

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According to Sports Science in an episode with Drew Brees his passes are all almost identical. The "spin" or Gyroscopic Torque is somewhere around 600 RPM when throwing at 52 MPH at 20 yards.

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Q: How much Spin does a Football has?
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Why does a football fly the way it does?

A football oblique shape alllows it to spin through the air, the quarterback puts a spin on the ball with his fingers when he throws it. The best spirals are tightly spinning and take much experince to master

Why does a bullet spin?

The answer has two parts - 1. Why do you want it to spin: It allows the bullet to be more accurate and travel further. The bullet spins for the same reason that football players spin a football when they throw it. 2. Why does it spin (How do you make it spin): Inside the barrel are grooves (rifling) that catch part of the lead of the bullet and spin it like bolt spins when you put it into a nut.

What makes a football spin?

A football is spiraled by the position your hand is place on the ball. Your fingers have to be placed on the laces of the ball and u must overhead throw while flicking your wrist.

What effect does rifleing in the barrel of a gun have?

It makes the bullet spin when it is fired- much the same way a football spins in flight. The helps the bullet travel in a straight line, improving the accuracy of the gun.

How do you spin in axis football league?

left right left right left right really quickly

Why do you spin a football?

If your talking about NFL then We spin footballs to minimize the effect of air resistance on the ball. That makes it go further and follow a more straight path. Its got something to do with angular momentum

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How much exercise does football require?

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What is th purpose of rifling a gun barrel?

Rifling a gun barrel causes the bullet to spin when it comes out. This makes the bullet fly more straight and greatly improves accuracy. Much like a spinning football spirals.

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