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Liverpool won 18 Premier Legue Cups. And they also won 5 UEFA Champions Legue.

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Q: How may trophies have Liverpool won all together?
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How many trophies has Manchester United won?

in total they have won 57 trophies, which is rubbish. Liverpool have won 58 and this season man utd only have a chance of winning the title. They may become level in trophies but liverpool will always be better. YNWA :)

Which English club has won the most trophies?

Liverpool 59 Manchester utd 60 as of may 2013

Will Gerrard go out of Liverpool?

You never know. He may be on his way out, because of Liverpool's poor performance last season. He does love Liverpool but he wants to win trophies, a move away could see him doing so.

Who is better Liverpool FC or Peterborough FC?

Liverpool FC, because of the amount of trophies in the Liverpool FC trophy cabinet, and due to the fact that Liverpool FC are a Premier League team and Peterborough FC are a Championship team, Liverpool FC are a better team. However, this is partially because they have a bigger budget and higher profile than Peterborough FC, Liverpool FC being an internationally recognised team. But who knows, Peterborough have a lot of good players and may get to Premier League level yet! Also the fact that the infrastructure of the ground and the amount of new faces we are seeing at Peterborough. you can just think how their future may just look.

Who has won more trophies everton or leeds?

It is Everton that have won more trophies , even though the margin may be less.

Who will win in the match Manchester United vs Liverpool?

It is soccer anyone can win May be Man United or Liverpool FC , or it may be draw also

Who is Liverpool F.C. Reserves' team manager?

As of May 2012, the current manager of Liverpool F.C. reserves is Rodolfo Borrell.

What is the flight time from Liverpool to Portugal?

About a three hour flight time may be expected from Liverpool, England to Lisbon, Portugal. Liverpool and Lisbon are in the same time zone. The distance from Liverpool to Lisbon is 1,058 miles [1,702 kilometers].

When did Liverpool win champions league?

25th May 2005

Are there any flights from Liverpool to Manston airport?

No, there were no flights between Liverpool and Manston aerodrome before Manston closed on 15th May 2014.

How may years have Liverpool FC been a team for?

120 years

How many people died in Liverpool during the bombing in ww2?

It may sound a lot but 9,500 died in the liverpool bombings and 700,000 bombs were dropped.

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