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11 people players and an indefinite number of non-people players.

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Q: How may people players per side are there in cricket?
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Are all cricket players cab drivers?

No, professional cricket players only play cricket, amateur players may be cab drivers or any one of hundreds of professions.

How many players are there in one cricket team?

usually there is about 11 players, but that may vary.

Weather effect on cricket pitch?

When the cricket pitch is wet, balls may not bounce off easily. The players may also have a hard time maintaining a firm grip on the ground.

Where may a person watch videos of cricket games free online?

The website YouTube has a wide spectrum of videos showing cricket games. This website has also videos teaching how to play cricket, recorded by experienced players.

How many players in a cricket team?

There are eleven players on the field and an extra man is used as a substitute and drinks suppler, in one-day internationals and twenty20s a team may add extra 6 to 8 players as reserves.

Best cricket player of all time?

There are many players who may compete for this spot but as per me, there are 2 people Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulakar - Two of the finest sportsmen the game has ever seen.

How many versions of Cricket exist?

1.Test Cricket 2.One day International Cricket (50 overs per-side) 3.Twenty20 Cricket (20 overs per-side) (At the International Level) * In domestic Cricket 3-4 day games are played with rules similar to test cricket, along with twenty20 cricket as well as One-day games,where the number of overs may vary from 40-50. *six-a-side(5 over) cricket is also a format but it is not officially accepted, and not played on a regular basis.

How many player's make up a cricket team?

11 on the field with a 12th man for play that day. However, a touring side (e.g. Pakistan touring England) may have an additional 6-10 players as reserve. The team may include the coach,Manager & other officials.

What is the circumference of a cricket ball?

circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!! circumference of a cricket ball may be 9meters approximately!!

How many soccer players are on the field at one time?

There are up to 22 players on the field at a time, 11 from each team. There may be fewer players if some have been sent off or injured. There might be more players on the field, but this is an infraction of the Laws if it occurs during play. 11 on one side 11 on the other side

How many people are in a profesional football team?

11 players start, 3 substitutes may be used during a match. A team may have a large squad of 25-40 players.

How do you get players for counter strike?

People join servers on their own.If you want a higher chance of having players join your server, having more players or a lower ping may help.

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