How may goals did messi score in 2012?

Updated: 11/23/2022
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Messi scored 91 goals in 2012

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Q: How may goals did messi score in 2012?
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How may goals did messi score?

Messi failed to score a single goal in the 2010 world cup.But many also flopped.

How many goals has lionel Messi scored in his professional years at Argentina?

To date (12th May 2012), Messi has scored 22 goals for Argentina, in 68 appearances. He has also previously scored 11 goals for the Argentina Under-20s team, and 2 goals for the Under-23s team.

How many goals does an average profesional soccer player score each year?

The top strikers may score about 18 or 20 goals in a year.

Who scored the goals in the football European Champions League final in May 2011?

the score was 3-1 to Barcelona. 1st goal was scored by Pedro 4 Barca. then Rooney 4 Manchester united. then Villa and Messi scored4 Barca.

How many goals did Ronaldo score against Valencia in La Liga on 9th May 2015?

Ronaldo did not score in that match.

Which is the best soccer player in the world?

Pele.You can say its Maradona,but I ğo for Pele. this is a confusing question. there are recommended players like Pele, maradona, messi etc. Pele- 1393 matches, 1280 goals maradona- 311 goals messi- 203 club goals and 18 national goals. through this, Pele may be the best soccer player.

Are forwards the only people who can kick goals?

Any player may score a goal.

How may goals did Baptise score against Liverpool whilst playing for Arsenal?


Is Messi is a Muslim?

hmmm may be his must be muslim last but is not a muslim becouse he did the christian sign after all his goals

What is lionl messi faverit drink?

Messi may drink very rarely .

What are the release dates for BlackOut Burned Nights - 2012 Achieving Goals 1-22?

BlackOut Burned Nights - 2012 Achieving Goals 1-22 was released on: USA: May 2013