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Q: How may goals did Baptise score against Liverpool whilst playing for Arsenal?
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Who is the worst likverpool or arsenal?

Liverpool is playing very bad now....and arsenal is very goodbut in the past Liverpool has been much more better than arsenal.

Who are Liverpool playing on the weekend of the 19th of august 2011 in the premiership?

Liverpool will verse Arsenal that weekend.

What players have played for 2 of the premierships top 4 teams?

1. Mark Bosnich (Chelsea and Man Utd) 2.Juan Veron (Chelsea and Man Utd) 3. Mikel Silvestre (Man Utd and Arsenal) 4. Ashley Cole (Chelsea and Arsenal) 5.William Gallas (Chelsea and Arsenal) 6.Nicolas Anelka (Liverpool Chelsea and Arsenal) 7. Mark Hughes (Man Utd and Chelsea) 8. Paul Ince (Man Utd and Liverpool) 9. Jermain Pennant ( Arsenal later to Liverpool) 10. Lassnna Diarra (Chelsea and Arsenal) 11. Emmanuel Pettit (Arsenal and Chelsea) 12. Steve Sidwell (Arsenal and Chelsea) 13. Bolo Zenden (Chelsea and Liverpool)

Who were Liverpool playing against when Gerrard Houllier had a heart attack?

Leeds United

Who has scored the most goals against Liverpool and still playing now?

jamie carragher

Which player still playing as scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Tim Cahill

Who has scored most goals against Liverpool and is still playing in the premiership?

Didier Drogba has scored a career nine goals in all competitions against Liverpool; 2 for Marseille, 7 for Chelsea.

Where are Liverpool and cheasea playing tonight?

they are playing in Anfield in Liverpool

Which 12 players have played for two of the premiership big four teams are still playing in the premiership?

Michael Owen (Manchester United and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Chelsea and Arsenal) Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea and Arsenal) Michael Silvestre (Arsenal and Manchester United) ... I know that's not 12, but there are some for you!

English player who has scored the most goals against Liverpool still playing in carling premiership.?

Jamie Carragher

When did Liverpool start playing Football and when did Liverpools Seven Gerrard start playing in Liverpool.?

Liverpool were established in 1892. Steven Gerrard signed with Liverpool on 5 November 1997 and his first-team debut was on 29 November 1998, as a substitute against the Blackburn Rovers. He Is probably the best player in Liverpool history and also is much better than the traitor Fernando Torres

What Liverpool players who have been capped for England whilst playing for Liverpool and playing abroad?