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22, 10 outfield players for each team plus 2 goalkeepers

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Q: How may fielders are allowed on a soccer field?
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Is the soccer field measured in meters or yards?

A soccer field may be measured in either meters or yards.

What is the measurement of a normal soccer field?

The normal measurement of a soccer field is 105 by 68 meters. Soccer clubs, however, may choose to alter their field's slightly to fit their style of play.

In kickball the WAKA plays how many feilders?

There are 11 fielders in WAKA during regulation play. When a game is tied in the playoffs or a tournament after the 5th inning, only 8 fielders may take the field for the remainder of the game.

What is the one thing a center fielder cannot do that the other fielders may do?

There is no playing restrictions on what a center fielder may do defensively that other fielders may do.

Is six studs allowed in the soccer game?

Yes, six studs are allowed in soccer games but they are best to use when playing on soft ground. The only situation that six studs may not be allowed, would be if you were playing on AstroTurf. Some shoes can be damaging to AstroTurf.

How many players may play on the soccer fiekd in in a regulation soccer game for your team?

Each team is allowed 11 players at one time only.

What other parts of your body are allowed besides your feet in soccer?

You are allowed to play with your whole body in Football/Soccer. You may not touch the ball though, with any part of your hands or arms, unless you are a goalkeeper. So you may use your knees, chest, head and even back.

How may players in soccer?

11 per team eg: 1 goal keeper and 10 on the field.

What do you do if the government took the soccer field away?

ou will have to appoint a lawyer who will guide you. He may appeal in the court.

Which geometric shapes are in a soccer field?

A soccer field contains rectangles, circles, arcs, and sectors (parts of a circle enclosed by an arc and two radii). In addition, other shapes may be found on the corner flags, goal posts and crossbar (which may be elliptical), and the netting of the goal.

Are a field hockey field and a soccer field the same size?

Not exactly. A standard hockey field outline is exactly 91.40m x 55.00m while a soccer pitch outline can vary in width between 45m - 90m, and in length from 90m - 120m (as long as the touch line is longer than the goal line). There is a possibility that a soccer field may have the exact dimensions of a hockey field in outline only. There are also the differences of a circle (scoring area) against two rectangles (penalty box), and the absence of the 23m lines in soccer or the centre circle in hockey. There are additional marks required on a hockey field that a soccer pitch does not contain.

What are noun words for soccer?

A noun is a person, place or thing. Nouns relating to soccer may include; -Ball -Goals -Spectators -Referee -Players -Field -Arena

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