How may adult males play sports?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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almost 2/3 of all nation wide

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Q: How may adult males play sports?
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I have an Adult male gp and a young male gp The adult keeps trying to mount the younger Is this odd?

No, this is normal. The males may end up fighting. You should keep males separate from other males to prevent any fights or injuries.

Bulbous in a sentence?

Bulbous forehead is particularly large in adult males who may grow up to 9.8 meters long.

Did Joan of Arc like sports?

As a pea sent she may not have had time for real sports, play as a child she did.

What is the population of the Asiatic lion?

In May of 2015 the population was estimated at 523 individuals, comprising 109 adult males, 201 adult females and 213 cubs.

Bulbous used in a sentence?

Bulbous forehead is particularly large in adult males who may grow up to 9.8 meters long.

What sports are mostly for men only?

Technically there are no sports that only men can play. Women (in most countries) can play any sport. There is a difference from being allowed to play verses being able to play. Also some sports most women prefer not to play. Even though they can they may not want too. So basically there aren't really any sports that are mostly for men. There is no reason women cannot play most sports, as long as they compete only against other females. There has been much talk about women athletes competing against males. This is not good, as some sports requiring violent collisions, like in NFL football, and this would be dangerous for women, as they are smaller by one third than the average man.

What does a sports attorney do?

A sports attorney provides legal advice and service to sports people and those working in sports. They may handle disputes between sports players and the teams they play for.

How can the level of activity affect sports performance?

If you are more active you may be conditioned, or ready to play sports, more that others.

How much do polar bears weigh as adults?

Average weights are: Adult female- 400-650 pounds Adult male- 800-1200 pounds Some males may reach 1400 pounds or more.

What size is a brown bear?

varies depending upon population and diet. adult males may weigh 300 to 860 pounds 136 to390 kg.

Why some people do not play sports?

People may not play sports for several reasons. They might not like to compete against others or themselves, they fear the risk of injury. Not being physically fit may be a reason, or maybe, they really just aren't interested.

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