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They have made 4 appearances in the Super Bowl but lost each one of them.

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Q: How may Super Bowls have the vikings won?
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Exactly how many Super Bowls have the Minnesota Vikings won?

They have not won any Super Bowls, but they have appeared in four.

How many super bowls have the vikings won?

The vikings haven't won a Superbowl. They have appeared in four Super Bowls - IV, VIII, IX, and XI, and have lost all four.

How many Super Bowls has Fran Tarkenton won?

Fran Tarkenton has not won any Super Bowls. He led the Minnesota Vikings to 3 super bowls in the 1970s, but they lost all three of them.

Have the Minnesota Vikings ever won the Super Bowl?

No. The Minnesota Vikings are 0-4 in Super Bowl competition.The Vikings have never won the Super Bowl but they have played in four Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowls did the Minnesota Vikings win?

The Minnesota Vikings have never won the Super Bowl. Their record is 0-4.

Which team has had the most Super Bowl losses and has never won the Super Bowl?

The Broncos, Vikings, and Bills have all lost four Super Bowls. The Bills and the Vikings have never won the Super Bowl.

How many Super Bowls has Minnesota Vikings won?

Been in four lost four.

Who did the raiders play against when they won the 3 super bowls?

vikings eagles redskins

How many Super Bowls Minnesota Vikings have won?

Zero as of 1/1/10.

What nfl teams lost 4 super bowls and never won one?

Bills, and Vikings

How many Minnesota Vikings hall of famers have super bowl rings?

none of them do, the vikings have been two four super bowls but they have never won one

How may Super Bowl have the patriots won?

the patriots have won three super bowls

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