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Only two cautions may be given to a single player in the same match. Once a player has has received two cautions in the same match he is automatically sent off, cannot return to the match, and cannot substituted for.

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Q: How many yellow cards can a soccer player get?
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How many yellow cards can you receive in soccer?

A player may receive two cautions in the same match, at which point they will be sent off.

How many yellow cards has shunsuke nakamura?

there is a number of player with these yellow cards one player onece receved 17 yellow cards in 15 games the same happend in America a player there reseved 4 red cards due his yellow cards this resulted in him quiting saying the sport is umfair

How many yellow cards can a referee issue in a single international soccer match?

Every player on both teams can be given a yellow card if the referee thinks they deserve it, but for one player only two can be given then they will be sent off.

Who has the most yellow or red cards in soccer?

It depends on how many get issued. Although, 2 yellow cards equal a red. So for instance, you receive 2 yellow cards in one game you are out for the rest of the game and the next game.

How many yellow cards before the player is suspended?

2 yellow cards=1 red card=1 match ban

If you have 152 cards and some are baseball and some are soccer and you have 22 more soccer how many soccer cards do you have?

You will have 66 baseball cards and 86 soccer cards.

How many red cards can a player get in a match of soccer?

Just one red card.

How many cards are there in soccer?

two cards

How many different cards are there in soccer?

Soccer has two types of cards, yellow and red. Yellow cards are used to caution a player for a major breach of the rules, called "misconduct". A second yellow card, as well as several egregious forms of misconduct, warrant a red card, which indicates that the player is sent off and can no longer play in that game or remain in the vicinity of the pitch. Some similar games (which do not follow the IFAB Laws of the Game) can employ blue, green, black, white, or even so-called "soft red" cards to mean various things, but they aren't part of the soccer / football that most of the world plays.

How many yellow cards does it take for a player to get suspended in Scottish league?


How many yellow cards issued at euro 2008?

20 yellow cards

How many yellow cards before a send off?

2 yellow cards

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