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2 yellow cards=1 red card=1 match ban

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Q: How many yellow cards before the player is suspended?
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How many yellow cards can you get in the champions league before you are suspended?

You are suspended after the second yellow card.

When receiving a suspension for 5 yellow cards does the player go back to zero or is there additional suspension for each subsequent yellow after 5?

After 5 yellow cards player will be suspended for one game, after next five yellow cards (10) player will be suspended for 2 games and so on

How many yellow cards does it take for a player to get suspended in Scottish league?


What are Yellow and red cards in soccer?

Yellow and red cards are shown as a signal when a player or substitute commits misconduct before, during, or after a match.

What happens when a player gets 2 yellow cards in a soccer match?

it turns into a red card and the player gets suspended 4 the rest of the game or longer

How many yellow cards before a send off?

2 yellow cards

How many yellow cards before you get a suspension in the championship?

If you get two yellow cards you are sent of.

How many yellow cards has shunsuke nakamura?

there is a number of player with these yellow cards one player onece receved 17 yellow cards in 15 games the same happend in America a player there reseved 4 red cards due his yellow cards this resulted in him quiting saying the sport is umfair

How many yellow cards does it take for a player to get suspended in the English premier league?

Five for a one-game ban, ten for two games and fifteen for three games.

Which EPL player holds the record for most yellow cards?

Lee Bowyer, 98 yellow cards as of January 2011.

At present a player is suspended after receiving 5 yellow cards does this change to 10 soon?

You get a one-match ban when you reach five bookings and two matches once you reach ten

How many yellow cards accumulated in the la liga before suspension?

5 yellow cards is a one game suspension

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