How many years taken in FIFA World Cup?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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First FIFA world cup was held in 1930. It is held every four years.

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Q: How many years taken in FIFA World Cup?
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How many years between fifa world cup?

4 years.

How many years ago did netherland last play in the FIFA World Cup?

2006 fifa world cup

How many times has Australia played in the FIFA world cup?

Australia have taken part in three world cups.

How many years has the world cup been going on for?

81 years. The first FIFA World Cup was in 1930.

How many times is the fifa world cup played?

Every four years

How many years has fifa world cup started?

The first world cup started in 1930, so it is 70 years.

How many years ago did Egypt qualify for the 1990 FIFA World Cup?

It was 20 years ago.

How many World Cups did Spain participate in?

Spain have taken part in the finals of 12 FIFA World Cups.See related link.

How many times have Brazil competed in a FIFA World Cup?

Brazil has competed in each of the 18 FiFA World Cups to have taken place so far. They are about to take part in their 19th World Cup in 2010.

How many times has the world cup happened in soccer?

Brazil 2014 is the twentieth FIFA World Cup. The first world cup was in 1930 and has taken place every four years, but the war meant that there was no 1942 or 1946 competition.

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 1999?

There was no FIFA World Cup in 1999. The tournament is held every four years, halfway between the Summer Olympic Games. The FIFA World Cup was held in 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010 (and for many years before 1998 as well). The next one will be held in 2014.