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David Beckham is playing football for 10 yeras

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Q: How many years is David Beckham playing football?
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How many years has david becham been playing football for?

David Beckham is playing football for over 10 years.

When did beckham started playing?

David Beckham started in the youth team at Manchester United, at about 12 years of age.

How many years have David Beckham played soccer?

David Beckham has been playing at the proffessional stage for almost 18 years, he started in 1991 for Manchester United Juniors

How old was beckham when he played for Manchester United?

David Beckham was 14 years old when he started playing for Manchester United.

How old was david Beckham when he started playing soccer?

David Beckham began his professional career at age 17 with Manchester United. He continued to play professionally for 20 years.

At what age did David Beckham start playing soccer?

David Beckham began his soccer career with Manchester United at age 17. He debuted in 1992, and called it quits after 20 years.

How old is David Beckham?

David Beckham is 42 years old (birthdate: May 2, 1975).

How old is Victoria Beckham and David Beckham?

Victoria beckham is... 36.5 years old and was born on the 17th April 1974 David beckham is.... 36 years old and was born on the 2nd March 1975

How old was david beckham when he started to play football?

He was 7or 8 years when he joined the Manchester United youth team.

Does David Beckham have any sisters or brothers?

David Beckham has one sister names Joanne Beckham. She is currently 26 years old.

Is David Beckham back?

He seems to be playing better recently. I have not seen him run so hard in a few years.

Why would you not be able to live with out David Beckham?

Of Course we can live without David Beckham. We must remember that a footballer playing career lasts on till he is 35 years.And he is already 33 years old.

How many years have Victoria and David Beckham been married for?

David beckham and Victoria beckham have been married since the 4th of July 1999

What did David Beckham did when he was 14 years old?

When he was 14 years old, David Beckham signed up to Manchester United, noting he was still in school.

How old ls David Beckham?

Best guess for David Beckham age is 36 years (May 2, 1975)

How much sleep does David Beckham get?

3579743 years

David Beckham have a cousin brother?

no he doesn't but he has a sister and her name is Joanne Beckham she is currently 26 years old 6 years younger than David Beckham and an older sister named lynne

How much older is Lynne Beckham than David Beckham?

Lynne Beckham is 39 so she is 2 years older.

How many years did David Beckham play for Real Madrid?

David Beckham played only one year at Real Madrid.

What year did david beckham join Manchester United?

He started playing for Manchester United in 1992 when he was just 17 years of age.

How old is Romeo Beckham?

Romeo Beckham (son of David Beckham) is 14 years old (born September 1, 2002).

How old was david becham when he started playing football?

13 years old and he started his football carear around 17 -20 years old

For which club does davtd beckham play recently?

David Beckham plays for A.C.Milan. He is there on a years loan from the L.A Galaxy.

How long did David Beckham play for Manchester united?

11 years.

How long did David Beckham play professional soccer?

17 years.