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The Atlanta Falcons have been around since 1966, that's 43 years now.

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Q: How many years has the Atlanta Falcons been around?
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How long has the Atlanta Falcons been in Atlanta?

The Atlanta Falcons have been calling Atlanta home since 1966

Are the Atlanta Falcons a bad team?

No. They've been a competitive team for the last 12 years.

Where did the Atlanta falcons move form?

The Atlanta Falcons were not moved from any other previous city. They were started in Atlanta and have not been in any other city.

How many superbowls have the Atlanta Falcons been to?

1 (1998)

Who is the Atlanta Falcons starting running back?

The current starting running back for the Atlanta Falcons is Michael Turner. He has been the falcons starting running back ever since they got him from the San Diego Chargers in 2008.

How many Super Bowls did the Atlanta Falcons win?

No the falcons have never won a superbowl. They've been to won but lost (34-19 Denver over Atlanta 1998)

How many years has Brett Favre been with the Green Bay Packers?

since 1992. played first season in 1991 for Atlanta falcons.

What are the nfl team name known as the fastest bird?

Atlanta Falcons. Falcons have been known to dive at speeds up to 240 mph!

Has the falcons ever been in the Super Bowl?

The only Super Bowl the Atlanta Falcons has ever played in was Super Bowl XXXIII on January 31, 1999. The 14-2 Atlanta Falcons lost to the also 14-2 Denver Broncos 34-19. In the 45 years of the team, this is the only time they've ever gone.

When did Brett Favre play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Favre finished up 2 games for the Falcons in the 1991 season. He has been with the Packers since 1992.

When was the last time the Falcons got to the Super Bowl?

The Atlanta Falcons have been there once, Super Bowl XXXIII on January 31, 1999, when they lost to the Denver Broncos. The score was Denver 34, Atlanta 19.

How many times have the Atlanta Falcons been to the Super Bowl?

They have been once, in 1999 where they lost to the Broncos 34-19.

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