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Hyundai has sponsored Australia's A League football for 10 years

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Q: How many years has Hyundai sponsored Australia's A - league football?
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For how many years has Hyundai sponsored Australia's A -league football?


How many years has Hyundai sponsored A league football in Australia?

six years

What is australias main sport?

mainly NRL (rugby League) and AFL (australian football league)

How many years did Hyndai sponsored the A League football in Australia?

Hyundai has been sponsoring the A-League since it started back in 2004/05. The A-league is currently up to its 6th season.

For how many years has Hyundai sponsored Australia's A-league?

10 years

How many years will Hyundai sponsor the A league in total that they have sponsored the competition?


Do they have a football league in Australia?

Yes they do, it's called the Hyundai A-league

What is the Barclays Premier League?

Barclays Premier League is an English football league for football clubs. It is for professionals. The league is currently sponsored by the Barclay Bank.

How many years have Hyundai sponsored the A League competition?

Announced in November 2004, starting season kickoff August 2005. So technically 5 football seasons spanning 6 calendar years.

Who sponsored the premier league before Barclays?

CarlingBarclays have sponsored it since 2004. Barclaycard sponsored it from 2001 to 2004. Carling sponsored it before them.

What football leagues are there besides the NFL?

Indoor Football: AFL-Arena football league IFL-Indoor Football league PFL-Pro Football league Normal Football: UFL-United Football league Canadian Football: CFL-Canadian football league European Football: NFL Europe-National Football League Europe EFL-European Football League

What are the football leagues in America?

NFL (national football league) NCAAF (college football) XFL (X-treme football---banned) AFL (Arena football league) UFL (United Football league) CFL (Canadian Football League) EFL (European Football League)

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