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Styles of Karate differ but in any good system it should take 45-50 years to attain the highest rank.

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Q: How many years does it take to reach the highest rank in karate?
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Who holds the highest degree in karate the world?

The highest level in traditional karate is 10th Degree black belt. Each style has one 10th Dan and there are many different styles.

How many dan do you get in karate?

The highest available is 10th Dan. Some styles do not go above 8th Dan.

What is more fun karate fencing or drums?

That is totally going to be a personal decision. I've done karate for many, many years. I think it is fun, hard work and rewarding. For a few years I did some fencing, I don't do it anymore.

Who is the highest person in karate?

{| |- | The 10th Dan is the highest ranking. There are many dozens of different styles. Typically each style only has a single 10th Dan. They are considered the head of their style. |}

What is karate a form of?

Karate is a martial art. It originated in Okinawa around 200 years ago.

What is the highest belt in karate?

Black belt is the highest. Though traditional Okinawa karate uses a red and white belt to indicate 7th and 8th degree black belt and solid red for 9th and 10th. Many American schools use the red belt as a kyu level below black belt.

About what year did karate originate?

{| |- | The origins of karate are shrouded in the mist of time. The roots go back many hundreds of years. The Chinese came to Okinawa and brought with them kung fu. It was combined with the native art of Te and became karate. |}

How old is Shotokan Karate?

Shotokan Karate began in the 1930's when Gichin Funikoshi came to Japan to demonstrate Shorin Ryu Karate. As he taught the art in Japan, his students named the style after him, using his 'pen' name of Shoto. The roots of Shorin Ryu Karate go back many hundreds of years.

Highest degree in karate black belt ever achieved in world?

The highest rank in karate is 10th degree. There is normally only one in each style. And it requires many years of dedication to the art. It is seldom, if ever, awarded to anyone under about 65 years old. ________________________________________________________________ Since this question has been added to both the "Karate," and "Taekwondo" categories, it should be noted that Karate, and Taekwondo are not the exact same thing. "Karate" is a term that has been used to describe both the ancient Chinese hand fighting of the Tang Dynasty, and a specific Japanese version of Martial Art (such as Shotokan Karate-do), as well as being used in a general sense to include all forms of unarmed combat. In its early stages, Taekwondo was often referred to as "Korean Karate," and while many still use this phrase today, others consider this to be misleading, and inaccurate since Taekwondo is now a distinctive Korean Martial Art framed mostly around native Korean fighting techniques, tactics, and traditional culture. The highest rank in Taekwondo has traditionally been the 9th Dan (Degree) with the 10th Dan being only an honorary rank awarded posthumously, or to a 9th Dan who retires from active teaching, yet remains as an advisor. However, in recent times, the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea, has listed the 10th Dan as the highest rank. Many Taekwondo organizations still hold to the 9th Dan as the senior rank, and some have only one 9th Dan awarded to the current President or Kwanjang of their association.

How long does it take to get a brown belt 2 in karate?

That depends on many factors. Your dedication and practice will have a major affect. Most schools have minimum time frames for promotion, with most saying will take 3 years from the start to reach black belt. Most of the people I know took between 4 and 5 years.

How many light years does it take the sun light to reach Vega?

It takes sunlight about 27 years to reach Vega.

How does karate reflect the values of Japan?

Karate came to Japan about 90 years ago. It was adapted by many as a martial art and a way of life, similar to that found in the other martial arts. Japan in turn influenced Karate by creating the ranking system and uniforms that are used.

How many years does it take to become a black belt in karate?

That will depend on the style and the requirements for the school. In most places it takes three to five years.

How many black belts are under 10 years old?

There are 12 black belts that are 10 years old in Master Johnsons Family Karate.

How long does it take to learn karate?

A lifetime. Karate is not something that is learned quickly, it takes many years to build up the skills and experience to be a true karateka. One can learn the basic skills in about three to four years, but the application and refinement takes much longer.

How many years did it take for the Israelites to reach Canaan?

Forty years.

For how many years the revelation to reach the prophet?

Along 23 years.

Who founded karate?

There are many differant founders of differant styles of karate. eg: GKR karate or IGK karate Sho-to-kan karate all have differant founders.

When did the Mayan civilization reach its maximal geographic extension?

Many historians believe that between the years of 300 to 600 AD, the Mayans had reached their highest amount of geographic extension. Of course, the hard evidence of this can always be questioned.

How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.

How many years to study karate?

If you are asking how long one usually has to study karate in order to receive a black belt it really depends on the dojo you go to, and the age of the person when they start. However, in many dojos in the United States if someone begins after the age of 18 on average it takes about 5-6 years.

How many years should it take new horizons to reach Pluto?

It will reach pluto in 2014.

How many days do you have to get a black belt in Karate?

It doesn't take a certain amount of days to get your black belt in karate. It all depend on you. It depends on how much you practice. There are people who get there black belt in 2 to 3 years. There are people who get there black belt in 5 to 6 years. It all depend on you.

How many years does an FBI need to learn?

a good few years...youll need to join karate or boxing to be able to defend yourself that's all i know

many students practice this Japanese form of self defense?