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England won the world cup only once it was in 1966.

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Q: How many years did England win world cup?
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How many years has it been since England won the world cup?

Too long !

How many times has England played in the world cup?

England played 132 times in the world cup.

How many times does England wins the World Cup?

England has won the world cup once - In 1966

How many years of hurt is it now in the World Cup for the England football team?

44 years. England won the World Cup in 1966. It's now 2014 . Most people say that's 48 "years of hurt". Of course, it's only 44 years, because England didn't start "hurting" until they lost in the 1970 World Cup. They are due to lose again this year, in Brazil.

How many World Cups have England won the football World Cup?

England have only won one World Cup in 1966.

How many years old was Michel Owen was when first started playing for England in the world cup?

Michael Owen was over 17 years when he played in his first world cup, it was against Argentina I think.

How many world cup tounaments have England made?

England played 13 world cup tournaments. 1950, 1954,1958,1962,1966,1970,1982,1986,1990,1998,2002,2006 and 2010.

How many years does the World Cup have?

The world cup happens every 4 years.

Which 2010 world cup football player turned 40 years old.?

David James the England goalkeeper turned 40 years at the world cup.

How many world titles do England have?

England won only one world cup in 1966.

How many times did England lose the FIFA world cup?

England has only won the 1966 world cup. There have been 19 world cups including the 2010 world cup. So it is safe to say that England has lost the world cup 18 times. But generally, nobody really "loses" the world cup.

How many appearances does England have in the World Cup?

England have had 13 appearances in world cup when they qaulify for 2014 host in Brazil it will be their 14 time