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Q: How many years Aikman played before winning Super Bowl?
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Who was QB in super bowl xxx?

The winning QB was Troy Aikman from the Dallas Cowboys.

What quarterback won the last Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman was the winning quarterback in Super Bowl XXX.

Who did Troy Aikman play in the Super Bowls?

Yes, he played in 3 Super bowls.

Has troy aikman ever lost a super bowl?

No ... Troy Aikman played in three Super Bowls (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX) for the Dallas Cowboys and won all three.

How many Super Bowls has Troy Aikman been to?

Troy Aikman played in three Super Bowls with the Cowboys (SBs XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX) and won all three.

How many super bowl rings troy aikman have?

Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings.

Who had record for pass completion percentage before Phil Simms in Super Bowl?

troy aikman

How many Super Bowl MVP awards does Troy Aikman have?

One. Troy Aikman won the MVP award in Super Bowl XXVII.

Has any quarterback won 5 Super Bowls?

No. Only John Elway has even played in 5 Super Bowls. Otto Graham played in 10 Championship Games in 10 seasons, winning 7 of them, but that was before the Super Bowl.

How many Super Bowl does Troy Aikman have?

He won 3 Super Bowls

Were the broncos undeafeated when they won the super bowl?

No ... the Broncos went 12-4 in the regular season before winning Super Bowl XXXII and 14-2 in the regular season before winning Super Bowl XXXIII.

How many Super Bowl appearances have the broncos had?

They have played in 6 Super Bowls, winning 2 of them.