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In Greece, 1896, was when the first "modern" Olympics were held.

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Q: How many year have the modern Olympics have been held for?
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How many years has the modern Olympics been held for?


Haw many modern Olympics have been held?

The Modern Olympics trace their roots back to Greece. There have been thirty Summer Olympics and 22 Winter games held during the Modern era.

How many Olympics have been held in the US?

The Olympics has been held 8 times in the United States.

How many olympics game have been held?

As far as the Modern Olympics go, there have been 22 Winter Olympic competitions and the 2016 Games was the 28th Summer Olympic competition.Summer Olympic Games1896 - Athens1900 - Paris1904 - St. Louis1908 - London1912 - Stockholm1920 - Antwerp1924 - Paris1928 - Amsterdam1932 - Los Angeles1936 - Berlin1948 - London1952 - Helsinki1956 - Melbourne1960 - Rome1964 - Tokyo1968 - Mexico City1972 - Munich1976 - Montreal1980 - Moscow1984 - Los Angeles1988 - Seoul1992 - Barcelona1996 - Atlanta2000 - Sydney2004 - Athens2008 - Beijing2012 - London2016 - Rio de Janeiro2020 - Tokyo2024 - Paris2028 - Los AngelesWinter Olympic Games1924 - Chamonix1928 - St. Moritz1932 - Lake Placid1936 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen1948 - St. Moritz1952 - Oslo1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo1960 - Squaw Valley1964 - Innsbruck1968 - Grenoble1972 - Sapporo1976 - Innsbruck1980 - Lake Placid1984 - Sarajevo1988 - Calgary1992 - Albertville1994 - Lillehammer1998 - Nagano2002 - Salt Lake City2006 - Turin2010 - Vancouver2014 - Sochi2018 - Pyeongchang2022 - BeijingThe moderan Olympics were started from 1896 and till 2008 Bijing Olympics it is 28 time already been oraganised .This is 29th Olympics in the history of sports.-pankaj

How many times since the year 2000 have the summer Olympics been held in London?

How many times has the summer olympics been held in London?

How many times have the Olympics and Winter Olympics been held in Europen?


How many Olympics have been held in Australia?


How many years have the Olympics not been held?

i think so the olympics were not held 3 times In 1916,1940 and 1944

How many times has the winter Olympics been in Africa?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in Africa.

How many Summer Olympics have been held in Canada?

The answer is 1. The only summer Olympics held in Canada was in 1976 held in Montreal, Quebec.

How many Olympics have been held in Mexico?

Only once, in the 1968 Summer Olympics.

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