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20 yards

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Q: How many yards does a kicker have to kick an extra point in youth football?
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How many yards does a kicker have to kick an extra point in football?

In the NFL, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the two yard line. In college ball, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the three yard line. That would make an extra point 19-20 yards in length.

How long is extra point fieldgole in football?

Well, the endzone is 10 yards the extra point spot is 3 yards from the goal line and the football is set 7 yards from the line of scrimmage so 20 yards.

How many yards is football placed on fg attempt?

after a touchdown is scored, the ball is placed on the two yard line and the team attempts an extra point field goal. on extra point and field goal trys, the ball is hiked back seven yards to the holder and the kicker kicks it.

Penatly for excessive celebration after touchdown in college football?

fifteen yards either on the extra point of kickoff

Can a field goal kicker spot the football more than 7 yards behind the scrimage line?

Yes, the ball may be spotted at any point behind the line of scrimmage.

How many yards do you get for roughing the kicker?

15 yards!

How good do you have to be to be a football kicker?

For a punter you should try kicking the ball 40 yards or above. For a field goal you should try 30 yards or above.

What was the distance of the longest field goal in a high school football game?

71 yards from kicker at bingham high in utah

What yard do you kick the extra point goal?

Two yards out.

What integer reprensent a football penalty of 15 yards?

Face mask, roughing the passer, roughing the kicker, pass interference, clipping...

How many yards is a field goal?

It all depends from where the ball is kicked. However, if you are referring to an extra point, it is kicked from the two yard line. So with 10 yards if endzone and 2I of field, a extra point is 12 yards

Why is it called a dime package in football?

The safes drop an extra 10 yards then a normal spot

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