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He ran for 15,269 yards and 99 touchdowns in his NFL Career.

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Q: How many yards did Barry Sanders run for?
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How many yards did Barry Sanders run for in college?

3575 according to Barry

What is Barry Sanders longest TD run?

Barry Sanders longest TD run was 82 yards. The run occurred in week 7 of the 1997 season versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sanders had 24 rushes for 215 yards and three td's that day, two rushing (80, 82 yards)and one receiving (7 yards). The Lions won the game 27-9.

Who is faster barry sanders or bob Hayes?

Barry Sanders 40 yard dash time is 4.37 seconds. They said that Bob Hayes did not run the 40 yard dash but they say it took him 5.28 seconds to run 60 yards. So I would say that Bob Hayes is Faster.

What did Barry Sanders run his 100 meter dash in?


In how many games did OJ Simpson run for 2000 yards?

14 (1973 season). The other five running backs to rush for 2000+ yards in a season (Eric Dickerson, Jamal Lewis, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, Chris Johnson) each did it in 16 games.

Does Barry Sanders have a son barry sanders jr playing high school football?

He does; Barrt Sanders Jr. plays high school ball in Oklahoma. He made news with a 64yd touchdown run and is notable for averaging around 8yds a carry.

What did Barry Sanders run the 40 yard dash in?

Barry Sanders is noted as running the 40 yard dash in 4. 37 seconds when scouted for Dallas. When scouted by the NFL at Oklahoma States he recorded times of 4. 43 and 4. 39 seconds.

How many yards did OJ run in his career?

11,236 yards

If you run the 100-meters dash about how many yards have you run?

Running 100 meters means you have run 109.361 yards.

If you run 10 meters how many yards would that be?

10.94 yards.

How fast does Barry Sanders Jr run a 40?

Official fastest time as posted by is 4.4s this was during his soph. year in high school.

How many yards can tigers run?

About 25

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