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the first five yards

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Q: How many yards can a defender touch a receiver?
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How many yards does packers receiver Donald Driver have this season?

565 yards! 4 Touch Downs.

How many yards is the offense penalized for an ineligible receiver down field?

5 Yards

What is YAC in madden 11?

Yards After the Catch. It's how many yards the receiver gets after catching the ball.

First touch down pass by Tom Brady in 2007 was how many yards?

11 yards to Wes Welker

How many yards are penalized for a chop block in football?

In the NFL, the penalty is 15 yards. In college, the penalty is 10 yards.

In high school football What is a stick play?

The word stick can refer to multiple things in football. The "sticks" are the down markers, and in the past teams would call a pass play "stick" or "sticks" to refer to a pass play that had at least one route running past the first down marker so that a completion would result in a first down. Currently, many people use the name "stick" to refer to a play that has one receiver running his route straight upfield at 6-8 yards and an adjacent receiver running a "flat" route, which is a route that stretches to the sideline gaining depth to 3-5 yards by the time the receiver reaches the sideline. The quarterback typically reads the flat defender and throws to the stick or the flat opposite the reaction of the defender. Usually the "stick" play will include a receiver positioned wider towards the numbers with the job of running a deep route to remove the cornerback from the area being attacked by the stick-flat combination.

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How many feet must touch to be a legal catch?

In the NFL, a receiver must have both feet land inbounds for the catch to be legal. In college ball, a receiver must have only one foot land in bounds for the catch to be legal.

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Who were the quarterback and receiver that hooked up on the longest TD pass in Super Bowl history and how many yards did it cover?

The longest pass in Super Bowl history was 85 yards from Jake Delhomme of the Panthers to Muhsin Muhammed in Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Patriots.

How many yards does Drew Brees average per game?

he was 15 yards short, his receiver dropped the winning yards brees needed, the record still eblongs to Dan Marino --------------------- Actually, his receiver dropped the 15 yard completion. Brees was only four yards short. 5069 - 5073