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In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire it was the 422nd Qudditch World Cup.

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Q: How many worldwide Quidditch matches were there?
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How many matches are in the quidditch world cup?

Well depending on the number of teams i would say there are about 12 depending on whether its an alcazare Thursday

Can you play Quidditch in Lego Harry Potter?

Sorry but no, there are some cut scenes involving quidditch. And also during some qudditch matches there are tasks. However, you can ride a broom.

How many Seekers are on a Quidditch team?

There is only one Seeker on a Quidditch team.

When did Harry Potter catch the snitch?

Harry Potter was a very talented Quidditch player so he caught in snitch in most matches he played. The only book that doesn't feature Quidditch is the fourth and seventh book.

Who was the teacher for flying lessons Harry Potter?

Madam Hooch was the flying instructor in Harry Potter. She is also the referee for the Quidditch matches.

How many quidditch cards do you need to unlock Firebolt?

You need 50 quidditch cards to unlock Firebolt.

How many beaters are in a Quidditch team?


How many goal posts are there on a quidditch field in Harry Potter?

There are three goal posts on each side of the quidditch field so there are six goal posts altogether on the quidditch field.

How many Quaffles are in a game of Quidditch?

Only 1

How many Quidditch teams are in Hogwarts?

There are four Quidditch Teams. They are: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

How many points is a goal worth in Quidditch?

Each goal is worth ten points.

What is the name of the quidditch magazine?

Quidditch Quidditch Quidditch. ATM the only online source for ordering is at their muggle email address, com.

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