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Clay/Ali fought in only one professional title fight as Cassius Clay. February 25, 1964 Clay beat Sonny Liston (Liston quit on his stool due to a shoulder injury in the 7th Rd)to become the World Heavyweight Champion. He then changed his name to "Muhammad X" and then Muhammad Ali before his rematch with Liston on May 25, 1964 (Ali won this fight with a 1st Rd KO).

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Q: How many world title fights did Muhammad Ali box in under his original name of Cassius Clay?
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Why did Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali?

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali (at the behest of Elijah Muhammad) in 1964, after he won the world title, and a year after he converted to Islam.

What boxer won the heavyweight title from sonny linston?

Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay at the time.

Why Muhammad Ali changed his name?

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali (at the behest of Elijah Muhammad) after he converted to Islam and won the heavyweight title. NO HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA

Which boxer won the heavy weight boxing title from sonny liston in 1964?

Cassius Clay who later became Muhammad Ali.

How many title fights was Muhammad Ali in?

Ali had 35 titles fights, 26 for world titles and 9 with the North American Boxing Federation between 1970-1974.

How many fights did Muhammad ALI hold the title for?

Muhammad Ali defended his first tittle 9 times for 5 years before he was stripped of it for not going to fight in Vietnam.

Who did Muhammad ali beat to regain his title?

George Foreman and Leon Spinks. He also beat Sonny Liston but he was known as Cassius Clay at that time. Also, he did not REGAIN the title at that time; that was his first pro world heavyweight championship.

How many times did Ali fight Frazier?

Ali and Frazier engaged in three fights. March 8,1971 Joe Frazier WP15 for the World Heavyweight Title Jan 26,1974 Muhammad Ali WP12 (Non-title bout) Oct 1,1975 Muhammad Ali WTKO14 for the World Heavyweight title Kevin Reilly

When was Cassius clay converted in to Muslim?

1964, prior to his first fight with Sonny Liston. But he didn't announce his conversion until after he won the title, because Elijah Muhammad wanted nothing to do with him if he lost.

Who was the first boxer to beat Muhammad Ali as a professional?

That was Joe Frazier in the first of their three fights on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden for Frazier's heavyweight title.

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Who did Muhammad Ali lose his title to in 1978?

Muhammad Ali lost his title to Leon Spinks in 1978, but regained in later that year.

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Who many boxers did Ali rematch against?

Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Marcellus Clay fought against mamy great boxers. He must be regarded as possibly the greatest of all time. He fought against Sonny Liston twice I think, Joe Frazier 3 times, and Geoge Foreman twice I think in Title fights. He said he was the greatest. Few would argue....

Who gave Muhammad ali jinnah title of quaid e azam?

Muslims of Subcontinent gave this title to Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Quaid e Azam means Great Leader. Muhammad Ali Jinnah truly deserved this title.

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Which boxer won the most heavyweight title fights?

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When did Muhammad ali first win the championship?

Muhammad Ali won his first title in 1964, he was 22.

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When was Muhammad Ali stripped of his title?

April 28, 1967

How many times did Muhammad Ali defend his title?