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1 ... Wagner was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates that defeated the Detroit Tigers in the 1909 World Series.

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Q: How many world series rings has honus Wagner won?
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Was Honus Wagner a good baseball player?

Yes Honus Wagner was a very good player in baseball. He was good at hitting and pitching and fielding. He also won a World Series Game.

What was the only time that baseball mega legends Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb competed against each other?

Baseball mega stars Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb met once in the 1909 World Series. Wagner played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Ty Cobb for the Detroit Tigers. The Pirates won the World Series that year.

How many World Series' did Honus Wagner play in?

He has played in 2 World Series' In fact, he played, and lost, in the first ever World Series in 1903; but in 1909, he played in and won the World Series, and performed very well. Wagner led the Pirates past Ty Cobb and the Detroit Tigers in 1909.

Who had the first stolen base in the World Series?

Honus Wagner of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wagner stole the first base in World Series history in the top of the first inning of the first ever World Series game played on October 1, 1903 between the Pirates and Boston Americans.

When did Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb face each other in a World Series?

The above is incorrect- the World Series he describes was actually held in 1909. Wagner's Pirates defeated Cobb's Tigers 4-3. Despite being considerably older (about 12 years) than his adversary, Wagner actually outhit young Ty Cobb, and had more stolen bases.There was no World Series in 1901- the first World Series was in 1903, between the Boston Americans (later named "Red Sox") and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wagner also played in that series, however, he did not play well and was reportedly ashamed of this- this led him to try to redeem himself in the 1909 series, which he definitely did.

What venue did two of baseballs most iconic figures of Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner face each other?

For the only time, baseball icons Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner faced each other in the 1909 World Series. Although they played a combined 27 more years in baseball, they never played against each other.

What are among the greatest achievements of baseball player Honus Wagner?

Baseball legend Honus Wagner has some great numbers in the MLB record booksin the National League. Among some of them are:* Eight batting titles;* Drove in or scored 100 runs in a season 15 times; For dead ball days this record is super!In the 1909 seven games World Series against Ty Cobb and the Tigers, Wagner hit .333 and stole 6 bases.Records like these are why Wagner is in the Hall of Fame.

Do umpires get World Series rings?

yes umpires get world series rings i know one that did a world series game and he still has his ring

Who was Honus Wagner?

Honus Wagner played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for about 10 years. He was the greatest shortstop of all time. His 1909 T-206 card is now worth millions of dollars, and is the rarest piece of cardboard in the world. The last price estimate for the card is over $3 million.

Who played the World Series in 1903?

The Boston Americans and the Pittsburgh Pirates were the first teams to play in the World Series. The Americans (became the Red Sox) would win the series 5-3. This Series eventually produced 4 future Hall of Famers; Jimmy Collins and Cy Young for the Americans and Fred Clarke and Honus Wagner for the Pirates.

How many World Series rings does Ricky Henderson have?


How much is a Honus Wagner LG2 card worth no name on front?

the last i checked it was sold for 2.35milllion dollors. there are only 2 in the world

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