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Q: How many world series did Yankees win after winning their opening day game?
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What is the New York Yankees longest World Series winning streak?

The Yankees longest World Series winning streak is five years. They were the champions from 1949-1953.

How many World Series were won by the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees played in 40 World Series, winning 27 of them.

Yankees get a spell of never winning a World Series?

Yes. The last 2 World Series droughts for the New York Yankees was 1963 -1976, 13 years without winning a series, and 1979 -1995, 17 years without winning a World Series. A Cubs fan would laugh at that.

When was the last time the Yankees played the dodgers in the World Series?

The Yankees and the Dodgers last played in the 1981 World Series, with the Dodgers winning in six games.

What are the chances of the Yankees winning the 2009 World Series?

Chances are great as the New York Yankees won the 2009 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

What baseball team played the most seasons with winning the world series?


Baseball players most World Series?

Yogi Berra played in 14 World Series with the Yankees winning 10.

Team winning the most World Series?

The New York Yankees have won the most World Series titles (26)

How many championships have the Yankees lost?

13 World Series LossesThe New York Yankees appeared in 40 World Series, winning 27, and losing 13.

Who is winning in baseball?

Yankees has the most world series win if that's what you mean. (27)

How many World Series did both the Yankees and Mets appear in?

The New York Yankees have appeared in the World Series 40 times, winning 27 of them. The New York Mets have appeared in the World Series 4 times, winning 2 titles. Only once (2000) have they appeared together in the championship series, which the Yankees won in five games.

Who pitched the winning game in the 1996 World Series?

Jimmy Key of the New York Yankees was the winning pitcher in the final game (game 6) of the 1996 World Series.

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