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Q: How many world cups have the woman's Brazil soccer team won?
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Which soccer team has the most world cups?


Which country has won the Soccer world Cups the most?

Brazil (5 world cups)

Which country has won the most soccer world cups?


Most soccer world cups won by a team?


Which is the soccer team to appear in all the world cups?


What sport has Brazil won 5 world cups?

Brazil have won five world cups. Brazil has won the world cup 5 times in football (soccer) and the name says it worl cup which is football (soccer)

What contry won the most soccer world cups?

As of 2006,Brazil.

Who has more cups on soccer?

Brazil so far has won 5 world series cups

How many world cups has the Brazil soccer team won?

5 which is the most world cups a team has won.

Which country has won the most soccer world cup's?

Brazil (5 world cups)

How many trophies did Brazil win in soccer?

They won 5 world cups

Which country has the most cup trophies won in soccer?

It is Brazil with five world cups.

Who won the most soccer championships?

Brazil has won the most World Cups with 5.

What s the only country that has participated in all FIFA soccer world cups?


When did Brazil the national soccer team become a team?

BRAZIL rocks dude!!!!!IT WON 5 WORLD CUPS AND ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

What country has won the most world cups in men's soccer?

brazil, 5 times in all

What was the only country to qualify for all 16 soccer world cups in the 20th century?


How many soccer teams have won more than three fifa world cups?

Brazil have won 5 world cups, Italy 4 world cups and West Germany 3 world cups.

Which country has won the most men's soccer world cup?

Brazil has won five world cups the most.

Who was the internationl soccer legend who led his Native Brazil to the World Cup victories?

It is Pele with three world cups

WHAT nation to qualify for all 16 soccer World Cups in the 20th century?

The South American giants Brazil are the only country to qualify for the 16 world cups that were ever held.

How many world soccer cups has Brazil won?

Five, more than any other country.

Who won the last 3 world soccer cups?

2006 Italy, 2002 Brazil and 1998 France.

What nation qualified for 16 soccer world cups?

Brazil has qualified for every world cup since it began in 1930.

Who are the teams who have won two consecutive soccer world cup?

Italy and Brazil won consecutive FIFA World Cups.