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The number keeps increasing, some ladies want to make a quick buck it looks.

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Q: How many women has Tiger had an affair?
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What did Tiger Woods do to embarress himself?

He was unfaithful to his wife and had an affair with several other women.

Did Tiger Woods have an affair with next door neighbor?

As far as we know no, but he could have. All the public knows is that he had an affair with his wife Elin with over 20 women.

Did Tiger Woods really have an fair?

An AFfair? Well, yes, he has been linked to at least 11 women!

How many women did Tiger Woods sleep with?

tiger woods has slept with a total of 121 women so far while he was married

How many women has tiger cheated on El with?

Tiger Woods confessed to cheating with as many as 120 women behind his wife's back during their five-year marriage.

Why women have affair with older men?

There are many reasons why women would have affair with older men. Among these are love, a sense of security, circumstances, and personal preference.

How many women has Rev Mark Hankins of Alexandria Louisiana had affairs with?

He has never had an affair

Is Tiger Woods having an affair?

It is reported that he is, but who knows.

Who did Ashley cole have an affair with?

He had an affair with many different women but the two I know of is jemma Henley and viki cough, he had a 3 month affair with Jenna and I think just a fling with viki gough.

How did tiger woods 120 affair info leak?

120? Calm down, it wasn't that bad. He had a car crash in November, rumors were circulating prior to that, that he was having an affair with Rachel Uchitel. Once the crash happened, it was suggested that his wife attacked him over the affair and then all the women he did have affairs with tried to cash in and made allegations.

Did Tiger Woods have an Affair?

He's having one as you read this.

How many women did tiger woods cheat on his wife with?

It was at least 18.

How many times has Tiger Woods withdrew?

I don't know he has had that many women the question is impossible to answer

What is wrong with Tiger Woods?

he had an affair with some lady that wasnt his wife

How many women did tiger woods have an afair with?

Acknowledged...12, possibly more

What's wrong with Tiger Woods?

he had an affair with some lady that wasnt his wife

What bad has Tiger Woods done to make him apologize?

he had an affair behind his wifes back

Why does everyone hate Tiger Woods?

huge affair with his wife im pretty sure

Why is Tiger wood famous?

Cause hes a good golfer and then he had an affair or something like that

Was Emily Dickinson passionate about women?

It is said by some critics that Emily loved women. She has been said to have many an affair. Some have even said she had a crush on her brother's wife.

Can you ignore your husbands affair?

no. no affairs should be ignored. if he is having an affair with another women then that is unsuitable and should be resolved

Do many married women cheat?

Yes. I was with my husband for 20 years, married 13 years with 2 children - 8 and 11. I had an affair. He was also married. Very strong emotional affair, which turned to a physical affair over time. I ended up deciding to end my marriage. The affair was not the cause of the problems in my marriage, but more a result of them.

Why will a married man have an affair?

No. It's usually the Women

Who was the famous women that Caesar allegedly have an affair with?


What percent of married women would like a lesbian affair?