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There were no Winter Olympics in 1942.

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Q: How many women competed in the first Winter Olympics in 1942?
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Did women first compete in summer or winter Olympics?

Women first competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Year women first competed in WINTER Olympics?

1924 (the first one)

Was it summer or winter Olympics when the women first competed?

It was the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France when women first copeted in the games

How many men and women competed in the 1928 winter Olympics?

A total of 464 athletes competed in the 1928 Winter Olympics (438 men, 26 women).

First year women competed in Olympics?

Women competed at the Olympic Games for the first time at the 1900 Paris Olympics.

How many girls and boys competed at the first winter Olympics in 1924?

247 Men and 11 Women

When was the first time women competed in the Olympics?

The first time women competed in the Olympics was 1900 in Paris, and the competitive event was croquet.

How many woman competed the first time in the Olympics?

19 women competed in three sports (golf, croquet, tennis) at the 1900 Games in Paris, the first Olympics where women competed.

Which winter Olympics did women first participate in?

1924 Winter Games in Chamonix where women competed in figure skating. Herma Planck-Szabo of Austria won the first gold medal in women's singles and Helene Englemann of Austria won the second in mixed pairs.1924 was the first official Winter Olympics. Figure skating had been competed in the 1920 Games in Antwerp and the 1908 Games in London. Women competed at those Games in figure skating, also.

When did women start competing in the winter olympics?

1924 Winter Games in Chamonix ... 13 women competed, all in figure skating.

How many women competed in the 1928 winter Olympics?

28, all in figure skating events.

What games did the women compete in the ealry Olympics?

Women did not compete in the Olympics. The first Olympic Games that women competed in were the 1900 Games in Paris. Women competed in golf, tennis, and croquet in 1900.

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