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34 wins

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Q: How many wins will the Milwaukee Brewers have this year?
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What year did the Brewers come to Milwaukee?

The Brewers first season in Milwaukee was 1970. Find more

What city did the Milwaukee Brewers come from?

They were initially for one year, the Seattle Pilots. The team then moved to Milwaukee, WI to become the Milwaukee Brewers. In 1966, The Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta.

When did the brewers come to Milwaukee?

In 1970. The year before the brewers were in seattle and they were called the Seattle Piolts

What year did the Milwaukee Brewers go to the World Series?

The Milwaukee Brewers were in the 1982 World Series. They lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3.

What were the Milwaukee Brewers called in their first year in Seattle?

The Seattle Pilots.

What year did the Milwaukee Brewers join the National League?

The Brewers began playing in the National League in the 1998 season

Was there another name for the Milwaukee Brewers?

This franchise started out in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots. The team moved to Milwaukee in 1970 and began play that same year known as the Milwaukee Brewers. They have used that name since.The Milwaukee Braves played in Milwaukee from 1953 to 1965, then moved to Atlanta

What year did Milwaukee Brewers miller park stadium open?

It opened on April 6th 2001

How many baseball teams have been in Milwaukee?

The original Milwaukee Brewers from the turn of the century. The Milwaukee Braves from the 50's and early 60's, which became, of course, the Atlanta Braves. The modern Milwaukee Brewers. Milwaukee joined the National League in the late 1870s with a team called the Milwaukee Greys. This team finished last and was shut down within a year or so after its debut. Following this team were a series of semi-professional or minor league teams, associated with organizations like the Western Association, Western League, and American Association, first under the name Milwaukee Creams (Milwaukee was called the Cream City because of its unusual cream-colored brick), and later as the Milwaukee Brewers. It was as the Brewers that Milwaukee became a founding franchise in the American League, with Connie Mack as the manager. they had one good year, then Mack left the team, after which the team stunk and was moved to St. Louis, where they became the Browns (proving that St. Louis had to turn to Milwaukee when they wanted Brewers - ha ha) After that, as already indicated, Milwaukee had the Braves and the current Brewers.

What year was Geoff jenkins drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers?

Geoff Jenkins was the Brewers 1st round pick, and 9th overall pick, of the 1995 draft.

What year did Geoff jenkins get drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers?

1995 ... Jenkins was the Brewers first selection, and 9th overall selection, in the 1995 amateur draft.

What year was ned yost part of the Milwaukee Brewers?

1980-1983 as a player and 2003-2008 as a manager.

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