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Q: How many wins has randy Johnson acquired as the opposing pitcher AGAINST the giants?
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What does baa mean in baseball stats?

It means Batting Average Against. It is used to show what opposing hitters are hitting off of a particular pitcher. For example, Randy Johnson had a .197 BAA in the 2004 season. That means opposing hitters had a .197 batting average against him that season.

When was Bill Johnson - pitcher - born?

Bill Johnson - pitcher - was born in 1960.

Who is the major league pitcher to win a game against every major league team?

Randy Johnson

Is bobby Johnson a pitcher?

yes bobby Johnson was a pitcher for the New York giants

What is the most innings Walter Johnson pitched in a single game and who was the opposing team and pitchers?

Walter Johnson pitched an 18 inning shutout over the Chicago White Sox on May 15, 1918. Lefty Williams was the opposing pitcher, who also went the full 18 innings, and the score was 1-0.

When was Ernie Johnson - pitcher - born?

Ernie Johnson - pitcher - was born on 1924-06-16.

When did Ernie Johnson - pitcher - die?

Ernie Johnson - pitcher - died on 2011-08-12.

How does a pitcher earn a hold?

If a pitcher comes in with the lead and does not surrender the lead to the opposing team, he earns a hold.

When did Jim Johnson - left-handed pitcher - die?

Jim Johnson - left-handed pitcher - died on 1987-12-06.

When was Jim Johnson - left-handed pitcher - born?

Jim Johnson - left-handed pitcher - was born on 1945-11-03.

Who is the best pitcher in Washington?

Walter Johnson

Who was the opposing pitcher in larsens no hitter?

Don Larsen threw the only no hitter AND perfect game in World Series history in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers starting pitcher that day was Sal Maglie.

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