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Q: How many wins does Duke coach Kryzyzewski have?
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How many wins does Duke's Coach K have at duke?

a lot

How many wins does Duke's Coach K have?

As of Feb. 4, 2008, Coach K has 794 wins

How many wins does Duke's coach Mike K have?

880 as of 29 December 2010

Who has the most NCAA wins among active coaches?

The college basketball active coach with the most wins is Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University with a record of 868 wins. He is commonly called Coach K and he already won?æfour championships with the Blue Devils.

Who is the most winning college basketball coach still coaching today?

coach k from with most wins all time is still alive and kicking but not coaching (bobby knight)

How many NCAA wins does Duke have?

to many

How many wins does the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball have all time?

As of 4/06/2010, Duke has 1,912 wins.

How many wins does Jim Tressel have as a coach?

He has 105 wins in his career.

What is the head to head coaching record for Roy Williams vs Coach K?

As of 2013... Roy Williams has 10 wins and 15 loses against Coach K. Roy Williams is 9-12 vs. Duke as head coach of North Carolina, and Williams was 1-3 against Duke as head coach of Kansas.

Who was the first NCAA basketball coach to reach 1000 wins?

Mike Krzyzewski, head basketball coach of the Duke University Blue Devils was the first in men's basketball to reach the milestone. His 1,000 game was won on January 25, 2015 at Madison Square Garden. Duke beat St. Johns by 77-68.

How many wins does vince lombardi have as a coach?


How many basketball wins does Maryland have versus duke?


How many football wins does Duke Univ have over Univ of North Carolina?

Duke has 36 wins over UNC. The record of the series is 56-36-4 favoring UNC.

How many Career wins does tom landry have as a coach?

Tom Landry had 250 wins with the Dallas cowboys

How many wins has Coach Fitzgerald recorded in the past four years?


How many wins does coach Dave bailey have for tussey mountain?


What division II coach has the most wins?

What coach in Division II football has the most wins?

Who is the all time winningest coach in NCAA men's basketball history and how many wins do they have?

Bob Knight with 902 wins.

What NAIA mens basketball coach has the most wins and how many?

Danny miles

How many wins does Kentucky have against Duke?

Kentucky leads the series 11-8.

Which basketball coach has the most career wins?

In Division 1 college basketball it is Mike Krzyzewski with 927 wins and counting. On the women's side it is Pat Summit with 913 wins. But the coach with the most wins is Harry Statham, coach of McKendree University with 1,061 wins.

How many times has UNC played Duke?

230 times, with UNC leading 130 wins to 100 wins for Duke. 95 times at Duke University. 90 times at North Carolina University. 45 times at a Neutral Court. After Saturday 3/5/2011 it will be 231 meetings between them.

What NCAA coach has most division 1 wins?

Ron Miller, University of North Carolina Fencing Coach. Over 1100 wins and he is still an active coach.

What is Kentucky vs duke basketball record?

The overall record is Kentucky 11 wins, Duke 8 wins. However, in the last 20 years (since 1978) the record in in Duke's favor, 6 wins out of 8 games. And, Duke has won the last 3 NCAA match-ups!

Who has the most wins as a head coach in he NFL?

Don Shula has the most wins as a head coach with 347 wins, with the Dolphins. He is followed by George Halas, and then Tom Landry.