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So far this season, the Detroit Tigers won 3 of 4 from the Yankees.

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Q: How many wins do the New York Yankees have against the Detroit Tigers in 2010?
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What team did Curtis Granderson play for before the Yankees?

Granderson played with the Detroit Tigers between 2004-2009 before being traded to the Yankees for the 2010 season.

Did the Detroit Tigers win on Aug 3 2010?

On August 3, 2010, the Detroit Tigers played a doubleheader against the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers lost the first game, 12-2 and won the second game, 7-1.

What Is The Detroit Tigers Statistical winning record against the new york Yankees this year and for the last five years?

This year being 2011, the Tigers record against the Yankees between 2007-2011 ... 2011: 4-3 2010: 4-4 2009: 1-5 2008: 4-2 2007: 4-4 Between 2007-2011, the Yankees lead the series 18-17.

What year did Johnny Damon play for the Detroit Tigers?

Johnny Damon played for the Detroit Tigers in 2010.

What is the Detroit Tigers pitching rotation 2010?


Who have the Giants beat in the world series?

1905 - Philadelphia Athletics 1921 - NY Yankees 1922 - NY Yankees 1933 - Washington Senators 1954 - Cleveland Indians 2010 - Texas Rangers 2012 - Detroit Tigers

Is there a Johnny Polhalta on the Detroit Tigers?

Jhonny Peralta played for the Detroit Tigers from July 30, 2010 through the 2013 season.

Who is the Detroit Tigers top pitcher for 2010?

Justin Verlander

Who were the best pitcher for the 2010 Detroit Tigers?

Justin Verlander

Were the New York Yankees rained out?

The Yankees last rain out was on May 11, 2010 in Detroit. The game was made up as part of a double header on May 12th. The Tigers won the first game 2-0 and the Yankees won the nightcap 8-0.

How many players have 3 hits in one inning?

Denard Span, Minnesota Twins, Tues. June 29, 2010 against the Detroit Tigers.

When is the Detroit Tigers opening day in 2010?

On Friday April 9th.

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