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Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove for Richard Childress from 1984 through the 2001 Daytona 500. They won 67 races and 6 championships together.

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Q: How many wins did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have with owner Richard Childress?
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Who did Dale Earnhardt drive for 1980 through 1990?

Richard Childress

Who owned the car that the late Dale Earnhardt drove in NASCAR at the time of his death?

At the time of Dale Sr's death, Richard Childress was his car owner.

Who took over driving for Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the Richard Childress team?

After the 2001 Daytona 500, Kevin Harvick replaced Dale Sr. at Richard Childress Racing.

Who were Dale Earnhardt Sr's sponsors in Nascar?

GM Goodwrench was Dale Earnhardt Sr's main sponsor when he drove for Richard Childress Racing. Dale Sr. also had Wrangler Jeans as a sponsor with Rod Osterlund and early on with Richard Childress. He had several other sponsors early in his career.

Where is the Dale Earnhardt Sr. hauler?

In the back area of the Richard Childress racing museum in Welcome, NC

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive for Richard Petty in the early seventies?

No, he did not. Prior to Richard Childress Racing, Dale Sr. drove for Rod Osterlund and Bud Moore.

Which teams did Dale Earnhardt Sr. race for when he won his championships?

Dale Sr. won his first Winston Cup championship in 1980 with owner Rod Osterlund. His next six championships were with Richard Childress Racing.

How many drivers drove the number 3 car before Dale Earnhardt?

I know Richard Childress drove the number 3 before Dale did.

Was Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Sr ever teammates?

No, they were not. Jeff Gordon has driven for Hendrick Motorsports his whole career. Dale Earnhardt Sr. drove for Richard Childress Racing during that span.

Who were the car owners for Dale Earnhardt Sr's 7 championships?

1980 - Rod Osterlund1986 - Richard Childress1987 - Richard Childress1990 - Richard Childress1991 - Richard Childress1993 - Richard Childress1994 - Richard Childress

Who did Dale Earnhardt Sr. want to replace him in the 3 car?

Nobody. When Dale Sr. died in 2001, he was driving for Richard Childress Racing and was still very competitive.

Who was Kevin Harvick driving for when Dale Earnhardt Sr. died?

At the time of Dale Sr's death, Kevin Harvick was driving for Richard Childress in the Busch Series. After Dale Sr. died, Childress named Harvick as his replacement in the #29 GM Goodwrench car.

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