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7 wins, 9 losses.

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Q: How many wins and loses did the Buffalo Bills have in 2008?
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How many head coaches has the Buffalo Bills had?

As of right now the Buffalo Bills have had 15 different head coaches.

How many appearance in Super Bowl for Buffalo Bills?

The Buffalo Bills appeared in and lost 4 consecutive Super Bowls.

How many NFC championship games have the Buffalo Bills played in?

zero ---------- The Buffalo Bills are in the AFC, so they would never be in the NFC Championship Game.

How many seat in Buffalo Bills rich stadium?


How many cheerleaders cheer for buffalo bills team?


How many draft picks do the Buffalo Bills have in 2012?


How many fans follow Buffalo Bills football?

The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York and are members of the East Division of the AFC. Their stadium has a capacity of 73,079 but they are followed by many more fans worldwide.

How many head coaches has the Buffalo Bills had since 2000?

The Buffalo Bills have had 4 different headd coaches in the span of 2000-present(Phillips, Williams, Mularkey, and Jauron).

How many AFC Championship games have the Buffalo Bills played?

The Buffalo Bills have played in 6 AFC championship games and have a 4-2 record in them. The Bills have had some quality years and a 4-2 record in a good one.

How many teams are there in Buffalo?

there are 4professional teams, Sabres, Bills ,Bandits and Bisons

How many times Buffalo Bills consecutive beat Miami Dolphins?


How many more years are left on the agreement between the Buffalo Bills and Erie county for the bills to stay in buffalo?

Two seasons are left on the present lease. It expires July 31, 2012.