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Q: How many wimbletons has roger won?
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Who won many tennis titles?

Roger Federer

How many grandslams have Roger Federer Rafael nadaal have won?

Together they have won 22 grandslams Roger Federer: 16 Rafael Nadal: 6

How many master titles has Roger Federer won?


How many championships did Roger Maris win as a New York Yankee?

Roger Maris won 2 championships as a member of the Yankees. He won in 1961 and 1962.

How many Wimbledon have Roger Federer won?

6 and today is the 7th

How many Grand Slam events has Roger Federer now won?

He has now won 15 titles, which is a record.

Who won the Australian Open Andy Murray or Roger Federer?

Roger Federer has won the 2010 Australian Open

Exactly how many times has tennis star Roger Federer won Wimbledon?

As of March 2010, he has won it a total of 6 times.

Who has won the most tennis majors?

Roger Federer

Who won 2007 Wimbledon mens final?

Roger Federer has won Wimbledon From 2003 to 2007

How many grand slams have Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal won altogether?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the links, below), as of May 29, 2009, Rafael Nadal has won six Grand Slam titles, and Roger Federer has won thirteen.

Who won the open last year?

Roger Federer won