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how many what? be specific.

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Q: How many will this make if la lakers win series?
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What series did lakers win in the 1991 nba finals?

The Lakers did play in the series, but unfortunaly they lost to the Chicago Bulls that year.

Who will win the 09 10 series lakers or Celtics?

Lakers won both games against the celtics

Who will win the series LA Lakers or Orlando Magic?

La Lakers, though would like to see my team Orlando win. Think the Lakers will have too many "go to" guys inside, plus Howard will NOT be as dominant against Gasol, Bynum and f dem lakers seewoop westside

How do you think is going to win the laker rocket series?

The Lakers. But they'll have to work really hard to it.

How many nba finals did lakers win?


Will the lakers win the finals?

It is entirely possible for the lakers to win the NBA championship. They are about to enter the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. If they win, they will face the winner of the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic series. They won the championship last year and can win again.

How many games did the lakers win compared to magic?

the magic have only won 567 to the lakers 989

Did Karl malone win a nba championship with the Lakers?

No - In 2004 they lost the series 4 - 1 to the Pistons

Did the lakers win the 2009 finals?

Yes, the Lakers did win the 2009 finals.

How many nba championships did the lakers win in minneapolis?


How many games did the la lakers win in 1998?


Which nba teams come back from a 15 points lead in 4 quarter to win playoff?

The Boston celtics in Chicago in 2009 and nuggets lakers 2009 when lakers stormed back into a 4-2 series win