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Q: How many wickets Shane Warne got in tests?
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How many wickets did Shane Warne take in Ashes matches against England?

Shane Warne is the leading wicket takers with 195 wickets.

How many wickets has Shane Warne taken?

Shane Warne has taken 708 wickets in Test cricket, 293 wickets in One Day Internationals and 20 wickets in Twenty20 cricket.

How many Wickets did Shane Warne took in Test Cricket?

708 wickets.

How many times Shane Warne took 5 wickets in an innings in Test Cricket?

Shane Warne has taken 5 wickets 37 times in an inning of Test Cricket.

How many ODI wickets has Shane warne got?

He has taken 368

How many wickets has Shane Warne taken against India?

43 Wickets in 14 Test matches and 15 wickets in 18 ODI matches.

How many wickets did Shane Warne take in his last ashes test at 'The Oval' in England?


How many wickets have been taken by Muttiah Muralitharan Shane Warne and Anil Kumble in Test Cricket?

Muttiah Muralitharan- 800, Shane Warne- 708, Anil Kumble- 619.

How many runs did Shane warne hit?

3154 in tests 1018 in ODI's

Who is Shane Warne?

Shane Warne is a retired Australian cricketer. He is famous for his cruel spin bowling that claimed many wickets. Probably he is among the most famous cricketers in the world, however, since retirement from international level cricket, you hear his name a little less.

How many wickets did Shane warne get in his first test match?

Warne took 1 for 150 in his first test match against India. India only batted once his figures were 45-7-150-1. Sarine is also awesome

How many hat tricks did Shane Warne get?


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