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There are many different ways to throw a Frisbee, but to name some of the more popular ones: Backhand, forehand, hammer, scuber, and chicken wing. Of course, any way you throw the disc can be considered a type of throw.

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Q: How many ways are there to throw frisbees?
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How are frisbees and boomerangs different?

When you throw a boomerang, it comes back at you, while a Frisbee does not.

How many frisbees are sold a year?

Many, many, many but probably not as much now.

How do you throw a ninja star?

While you can say in general 'like a frisbee' there are as many ways to throw them as there is to hold them and ways of moving the arm. A well trained individual should be able to throw the star in...

Did the same person invent the Hula Hoops and the Frisbees?

No..... There are many discussions on who invented the hula hoop (if you type it in google) but the inventor of frisbees is Walter Frederick Morrison.

How many frisbies were sold in the United States?

How many frisbees are sold in the united states?

What happened with frisbees in 1957-1960?

In 1957 frisbees were first sold in store as a toy.

Where can someone find promotional frisbees?

A person can get promotional frisbees from the website discountfavors. Other places one can get promotional frisbees is branders, customink, epromos, and usimprints.

From what were the original frisbees made from?

The original Frisbees were pie tins from pies from the "Frisbie baking company."

Where can I buy the best frisbees to use outdoors?

Wright Life will sell you the best frisbees around.

What body parts are used to play the ultimate frisbees?

Everything. You use your legs to run and jump. Arms to throw. Hands to grip the disc. Head to think.

Should Frisbees always be capitalized?

Yes, Frisbee/Frisbees should always be capitalized because it is a trademark name.

Are Frisbees thin or thick?


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