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seven watches in a day

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Q: How many watches in a day in nautical time?
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How many watches other than dog watches in nautical time?

five watches plus two dog watches totalling seven watches in a day in nautical time.

How many watches are there in a day?

There are five watches of four hours each plus two dog watches of two hours each in nautical time for duty.

What is the difference between modern day watches and old watches?

There is a big difference between modern day watches and older watches. Specifically, older watches were usually of a better quality because they were made with nicer materials. New watches tend to be made of cheap parts that fall apart after a short period of time.

What if clock and watches does not exist and day light lasted six months?

Day light would still last the amount of time. Watches and clocks do not control time periods. The same amount of sunlight would be the same wherever you live as well as the night time. That is how it was thousands of years ago before there were any watches or clocks.

What company makes seapro watches?

Oceanauts makes seapro watches, they are the best for day to day use

How many nautical miles in a time zone?

As an approximation, the circumference of the earth is 24,000 miles. There are 24 hours in a day (but there are actually more than 24 time zones as there are some 1/2 hour divisions). Ignoring this, there are thus approximately 24,000/24 hours = 1000 nautical miles per hour of time zone.

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The spirit watches you .

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a watch looses 2 min. per day while another watch gains 2 min. per day at a particular instant the two watches showed an identical time. when will the two watches shows the identical time again?

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Seiko Watches used this as an advertising slogan

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Invicta men's watches can be purchased from Sears, Amazon, Zales, shopnbc, overstock and directly from Invicta Watches Group. Invicta Watches Group allows for a next day shipping to receive any purchased item. Zales sells many types of vintage styled Invicta watches.

What watch keeps the best time?

So-called "atomic wristwatches" keep the best time. They keep time as well as quartz wristwatches during the day, and they receive radio transmissions at night with the correct time. All "quartz wristwatches" keep excellent time -- they drift less than 15 seconds a month when they are worn (kept close to body temperature) -- even low cost watches well under $30. Analog quartz watches and digital quartz watches have the same accuracy. Mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches.

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