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in most games, there are six players on the court.

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Im pretty sure its somewhere in the late 300's early 400's!

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Only six players can be on the court. (two setters, two middles, and two outsides) I am a middle and a outside. hope i helped :)

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About 395 volleyballs will fit in a volleyball court.

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Q: How many volleyballs can fit in a volleyball court?
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How can I make a 32 foot volleyball net to fit in a 20 foot space?

What are you talking about. I guess you can get a smaller ball or a bigger volleyball court. Bascially it and that simple.

How do you lose weight and be fit for volleyball?

work out

What is a good workout to be fit volleyball?

horse riding

Is volleyball an alternative sport?

No. Volleyball is a popular sport requiring special skills, but it is not an 'alternative' sport. "Alternative sports" are those classified as extreme or adventure sports, and volleyball does not fit into this category.

What does the acronym gvf stand for and some fit duties?

guyana volleyball federation

Do you get fit by playing volleyball?

Absolutely, you need to move and jump all the time.

What are the benefits of playing club volleyball?

you can stay fit and in shape, if you like playing volleyball it can be fun, and if you play with your friends then it makes it even more funner.

how many 100s and 1000s can fit onto a basketball court?


How to Select the Best Volleyball Equipment for Your Team?

When playing any sport, it is important to possess the correct equipment to ensure optimal performance. Here are a few tips on selecting the most durable, beneficial, and accessible volleyball equipment items. For the volleyball team as a whole, volleyball nets and volleyballs are the two most significant pieces of equipment to consider. Volleyball nets need to be simplistic in design so that they are quickly and easily set up in order to save as much practice time as possible. Aluminum is the perfect material for a net system because it is extremely light, which makes the system easy to move; however, a net system must be able to withstand the amount of net tension that is created once the net is fully extended. Therefore, look for an aluminum net system that has telescopic aluminum poles and bases that have sliding eye bolt collars. These poles and bases will not only be very portable, but they will also allow players or staff to easily adjust the net. Be sure to attach padding to the poles and to the referee stand, which should also be adjustable, for added safety. In the realm of volleyballs, there three vital characteristics that a good volleyball will possess. First, a good volleyball will be visible. Second, it will not have a faulty valve system, and last, the volleyball will not loose roundness or become egg shaped, which will result in players overcompensating during practice and undercompensating during an acutal game. Aside from these three items, coaches and players need to consider what type of ball best fits the needs of their team. For instance, would the team rather have volleyballs that will last longer or be easier and more comfortable to pass, set, and spike? A volleyball’s construction determines how the volleyball is best used, so as a team. decide upon uni-bladder construction, dual internal bladder, orloose bladder construction. If confused as to what ball might most benefit a new or very young team, start playing with the same brand game ball used during the Olympic games. The volleyball may not fit the team’s needs exactly, but it’s a wonderful place to begin.

What do you do if you don't like swimming but you want to stay fit?

many things: ~ go for a run ~ volleyball ~ tennis ~ badminton ~ go to the gym ~ pretty much any sport you can think of that raises your pulse

How many basketballs can fit on a basketball court?

trick question, many people think 1, 1 during a game. But about 1,000,000 can fit. just stack them. if they're gonna fall, just use duck tape.

How many player on court basketball?

While 18 basketball players can fit on a court, only 5 players from each team are allowed on a court at one time, meaning 10 players are on the court at any given moment.