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Barcelona won Manchester United 10 times and Manchester united won Barcelona 11

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Q: How many trophies has Barcelona won and that of Manchester?
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Barcelona Football Club and Manchester united who has more trophies?

Here Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.

List who has most trophies Manchester united and Barcelona?

Of course barcelona they have won over 70 trophies won

Who has won more trophies Manchester united or Barcelona Football Club?


Are Manchester better than Barcelona?

Barcelona are better as they won six trophies in one year, not yet matched by any club.

Who has won more trophies Liverpool or Barcelona?

Barcelona have always won more trophies then Liverpool any day.

How many tropheys have Manchester udt nighted won?

they have won 18 trophies

How many trophies have Barcelona won as compare to real Madrid?


How many trophies has Barcelona FC Won till Date?


How many trophies have Barcelona won in their history?

Barcelona has won four UEFA titles, four UEFA cup winners titles and two FIFA World Club trophies. They have also won four UEFA cup trophies and three inter-cities fairs cups.

How many trophies has Manchester United won ever?

70 trophies in total, four of which were shared.

How many trophies have manchest united won?

Since 1878, Manchester United have won 58 trophies.

Who has more trophies real madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid have won more total of trophies compared to Barcelona . Real have won the La Liga 31 times.