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It is not as much about how many tournaments you have played, as how you have done in those tournaments and the number of points you have earned.

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Q: How many tournaments must a person play to qualify for a grand slam tournament in tennis?
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A popular tennis tournament?

the Davis Cup and Wightman Cup tournaments

When its the next tennis tournament?

There are tournaments everyday, yet not on the professional tour. The next professional tennis major and minortournaments can be seen on this website.

Why is a tennis tournament called open?

Because anyone can play if they qualify. The Major tournaments of the world, for many decades, only permitted 'amateur' entrants. Being a sport, to a degree, professionals were 'frowned upon' by the tennis fraternity of the world's major tennis organizations. Finally, in 1968, the Major tournaments became Open to all people.

What is a major badminton tournament?

Badminton is a part of the Summer Olympics, and there is a Yearly World Tournament for badminton, but there are tournaments every week like in tennis.

What most famous tennis tournament in the world?

Four major tennis tournaments... the US open, the Austrailian open, the French open, and Wimbledon.

How much do mens tennis players receive at minor tennis tournaments?

it really depends on what tennis tournament it is, but for most they get a car and $100, 000. hope this was helpful. rebecca

What year did Rafael Nadal win the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

He won the 2010 and 2008 Wimbledon tournaments. He finished second in the 2006 and 2007 tournaments as well.

Are there tournaments in tennis?

Yes. In every sport, there will be tournaments/competitions. Tennis is well-known for their tournaments.

What is meant by an 'Open' tennis tournament?

Anyone can play if they qualify. sometimes in the past, only certain people could play in the tournaments because it was a game for the rich. Its also means you can team up with anyone you want in doubles; they do not have to be from the same country you are.

Who won the 2012 tennis tournament?

There are countless professional tennis tournaments each year. There is no one extremely important tournament. The four grand slams (US Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open) are the biggest tournaments in tennis each year. in 2012 Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open and the three others have not been played yet.

How is tennis financed?

Tennis tournaments are usually financed by side of sponsors TV and commercial rights. They pay the players who perform, depending on the scored ranking of the current tournament.

How does one enter a table tennis tournament?

Table tennis tournaments are available to all levels of skill from those just learning to play all through to professional players. The easiest way to enter is to join a local table tennis club and play in their own in-house tournaments.

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