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He rushed for 19 and threw for 77.

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Q: How many touchdowns did Donovan mcnabb make in college?
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How much does Donovan McNabb make?

According to FOX Sports, Donovan McNabb's 2007 salary was $5,504,080.

What is a famous quote from Donovan Mcnabb?

"If you want to be great, make the players around you greater."

Donovan mcnabb will be a hall of famer?

Yes He has 30,000 yards , 190 touchdowns going into 2009 season By the time he retires he'll be in top 20 passing all time He'll make the hof eventually for sure

What NFL star did Rush Limbaugh make very controversial comments about in 2003?

Donovan McNabb

What is the value of a Donovan McNabb limited edition rookie card from Topps?

Topps did not make many Limited Adition Topps cards. The card is then worth about a hundred dollars or more since Mcnabb will probally be a Hall of Famer one day.

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Three touchdowns were made.

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Who is better Joe Flaco or Donavon Mcnabb?

Donovan McNabb is better. Joe Flaco throws to excellent wide receivers, namely, Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton, and he hands off to a series of talented running backs, including Willis McGahee. When he's off the field, the defense forces constant turnovers. I think the Ravens have the league's #1 defense; if not, they certainly have the most turnovers. Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb must hand off to the perenially injured Brian Westbrook, or to various young, poor backups. He gained DeSean Jackson to throw to this year, but he still has not found a main wide receiver, and all the other receivers aren't any good. When he's off the field, the defense consists of young replacements for the old names, who make mistakes and commit penalties. As you can see, Flaco is supported by a team of stars, while McNabb is the sole carrier of his team. But despite this huge discrepancy, McNabb and Flaco both went to exactly the same place. Both were eliminated in the Conference Championships.

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