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Q: How many touchdown passes has Tony Romo thrown in 2007?
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What NFL quarterbacks have thrown 4 touchdown passes in 1 game?

Brett farve, tony romo, tom bradley,

What quarterback has thrown for the most TD passes in one season for the Cowboys?

Tony Romo with 36 in 2007.

How many touchdowns did Tony Romo throw on Thanksgiving Day 2006?

Romo passed for 306 yards and tied a club-record with five touchdown passes in the Cowboys' 38-10 win over Tampa Bay on Thanksgiving Day in 2006.

How many yards has Tony Romo thrown for in his career?

Tony Romo has thrown 70,651 passing yards and 3,584 rushing yardsOMG I CAN'T BELIVEVE IT TONY ROMO HAS THROWN MORE PASSING YARDS THEN Brett favre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

Has Tony Romo ever thrown for over 4000 yards in a season?

Yes, he has. Tony Romo threw for over 4,000 yards in a season four times (2007, 2009, 2011, 2012).

How many touchdowns did romo throw on thanksgiving day against Tampa Bay?

On November 23, 2006, Romo tied the Cowboys' record for most touchdown passes in a game with five against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 38-10 victory at Texas Stadium. Other Cowboys quarterbacks who accomplished the feat were Eddie LeBaron, Don Meredith (three times), Craig Morton (twice), Danny White and Troy Aikman (once in overtime). Romo was the first and only Dallas QB to throw five touchdown passes at Texas Stadium.

What nfl quarterbacks have thrown 5 interceptions in one game and their teams have won that game?

Tony Romo in 2007 and Matt Ryan in 2012

When was Romo Lampkin created?

Romo Lampkin was created in 2007.

When did Osvaldo Romo die?

Osvaldo Romo died in 2007.

Whose thrown more touchdowns in last three years combined Tony Romo or Tom Brady?

In the past three seasons Tony Romo has thrown more regular season touchdowns than Tom Brady, 81 td's versus 74 td's. In that same time span, Tom Brady has thrown an additional 11 touchdowns in post season play versus 2 for Tony Romo. In total Tom Brady has thrown 85 touchdowns (regular season and post season combined) versus 83 touchdowns (regular season and post season td's combined) for Tony Romo. Touchdown totals for Tom Brady and Tony Romo, 2006-2008: Tom Brady: 74 regular season td's/11 post season td's * 2006: 24/5 * 2007: 50/6 * 2008: 0/0 (placed on IR) Tony Romo: 81 regular season td's/2 postseason td's * 2006: 19/1 * 2007: 36/1 * 2008: 26/0

What is the Dallas Cowboys touchdown passing record?

29 Touchdowns by Tony Romo broken on Thanksgiving 29 Touchdowns by Tony Romo broken on Thanksgiving

Who threw for the most touchdowns in a season by a Dallas Cowboys qb?

Through the 2008 season, that is Tony Romo with 36 TD passes in 2007.

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