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1 ... 4 yards to Randy Moss in the 3rd quarter.

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Q: How many touchdown passes did Brett Favre throw at Lambeau Field on Oct 24 2010?
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Who is the leader in touchdown passes?

Brett Favre

How many touchdown passes does Brett Favre have entering the 2007 season?

Brett Favre entered the 2007 season with 414 TD passes.

Who has the most touchdown passes in the NFL?

Brett Favre has thrown the most touchdown passes in NFL history, with 508.

What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in his career?

Brett Favre.

Who had the most touchdown passes in the NFL of all time?

Brett Favre

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most career touchdown passes thrown?

Brett Favre holds the record for most career touchdown passes with 508. He officially filed his retirement papers with the NFL on January 17, 2011.As of January 03, 2010, Brett Favre has thrown 497 career touchdown passes. He threw for 33 touchdowns in 2009 with only 7 interceptions.He threw for an avg of 7.9 yards per pass, the most in his career. His QB rating of 107.2 was the highest in his career.-------------As of September 30, 2007, Brett Favre has the most NFL touchdown passes with a total of 421.Brett Favre with 508 touchdown passes

How many touchdown passes did Brett Favre have coming into the 2007 season?


How is Brett Favre better than Peyton Manning?

Brett Favre has more career touchdown passes and more career interceptions thrown than Peyton Manning

How many Touchdowns did Brett Favre have at the beginning of the season?

At the beginning of the 2007 season he had 414 touchdown passes.

Who is better Bart Starr or Bret favre?

If you're going by statistics, Brett Favre. He holds the records for Touchdown passes, passing yards...

Who caught the touchdown pass against the rival Vikings that gave Brett Favre the all-time record for most touchdown passes?

greg jennings

Did the Detroit Lions ever beat Brett Favre at Lambeau Field?