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Q: How many total number of games has the Egyptian national team played in the African cup of Nations?
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What are some Egyptian sports?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Egypt. Other popular sports in Egypt are basketball, handball, squash, and tennis.Among all African nations, the Egypt national basketball team holds the record for best performance at the Basketball World Cup and at the Summer Olympics. Furthermore, the team has won a record number of 16 medals at the African Championship.

What is the phone number of the National Museum Of African Art in Washington?

The phone number of the National Museum Of African Art is: 202-633-4600.

What is the phone number of the National African American Archives in Mobile Alabama?

The phone number of the National African American Archives is: 251-433-4265.

What two nations held the greatest number of African colonies at the time they were granted freedom?

Britain and France.

A big problem challenging the economies of many African nations today is?

High unemployment rates is the major problem challenging many African nations today. Which has resulted in a number of social problems, since Africa has a large youthful population.

Why has it been hard for many African nations to become unified?

The large number and various sizes of ethnic groups has made it difficult for some African countries to develop into unified, modern nations. In some African countries, national boundaries cut across traditional ethnic homelands. As a result, people may feel closer ties to neighbors in another country than to other ethnic groups within their own country. Ethnic and religious differences have led to civil wars in several countries.

When is the best wildlife viewing in South Africa?

Probably Kruger National Park, although there are a number of other large national parks as well as private game parks. Google "South African National Parks Board" for more information or "South African Tourist Authority"

Where can one find an African map online?

One can find an African map online by going to the Nations Online website. The website has a number of online maps for countries around the world including ones in Africa.

A boycott reduced the number of participating nations at the Moscow Olympics the lowest number since 1956 how many countries took part?

21 African countries boycotted the 1971 (i think that was the year) Olympics because of south africas racist views and new zealand letting the south African rugby tour proceed 81 nations participated in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

Who invented the Egyptian number system?

a group of ancient Egyptian scholars

Is there a symbol for zero in the Egyptian number system?

There is no known mathematical symbol for zero in the ancient Egyptian number system.

What is the phone number of the Egyptian Museum in San Jose California?

The phone number of the Egyptian Museum is: 408-947-3636.